Does Onion TOR Browser + VPN collect any information about the websites i visit or the apps I use while using Onion TOR Browser + VPN?

That’s the most asked question about any VPN or TOR browser. We can’t say about others but our answer is NO. We DO NOT collect any information regarding the websites you visit or the IP addresses assigned to you when you access the Onion TOR Browser + VPN Private Network, and with respect to our VPN service, we do not collect any data stored on or transmitted from your device, including any data that applications on your device may transmit through our network.
There are a few exceptions where we may need to collect or monitor traffic through our network:
We will record your aggregate bandwidth usage for billing and network operations and support;
We perform automated rules-based traffic management for the purposes of maintaining and improving our service. Applying these rules may require real-time analysis of Internet and data traffic including destination websites or IP addresses, originating IP addresses. However, no log is maintained regarding this information as it is a real-time process. Since we manage a global network, your Internet traffic may be routed through one or more different countries.

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