What do the Pro Features include?

Below is a list of some of the features of pro version:

Synchronize favorite stories

This feature helps you to download your favorite stories from the FanFiction site and upload your new favorites and followed stories over there.

Synchronize favorite authors

If you have marked  favorite any new authors, they will be also synced from  the Fanfiction site.

Story update alert

When any of your favorite story is updated then you will get alerts about the updates of your story at the earliest moment.

Remove ads

The ads which you see in the free version, will be disappeared by upgrading to the pro.

Improved reading screen

You will see an improved and better reading screen for high quality usability and visibility.  

Open stories in other apps

You can now email your stories as PDF and open them on other apps. You can also share your stories through Air Drop.  You can now open stories in i Book. 

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